I’ll Miss You Later James Gaynor

I’ll Miss You Later James Gaynor

Our own postcard poet James Gaynor of NYC was interviewed about his new book I’ll Miss You Later by Meanshappy.com:

While organising some personal papers during a lockdown spring-clean, James Gaynor came across a pocket notebook – it was a notebook he had written in from 1986 to 1997. Gaynor lived in New York City, and he used the notebook to organise memorial services as he lost friends and loved ones to the AIDS pandemic. The notebook recorded 38 memorial services.

The information contained within the notebook included contact information for relatives, newspapers, venues, florists, ministers, rabbis, a rebel Jesuit, and a Wiccan priestess – as well as scribbled notes about possible poems.

Finding the notebook – 23 years after its last entry – inspired Gaynor to go back and put the poems together in the chronological order they suggested themselves.

The result is I’ll Miss You Later – one poem in 20 parts about loss and survival, forged in one epidemic, emerging in a second. It’s a record of perseverance and a tribute to the humour that get us through the worst life can throw at us. READ MORE

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