POPO2020 Stats

POPO2020 Stats

Tim Mateer 2020 postcard

I have such delight in tallying up the stats for POPO when registration is over. Maybe it is the buzz of registration being over giving me time to have my own POPO experience. Maybe it’s that POPO is “an institution” as EVERY YEAR PARTICIPANT Janet McCann calls it. Regardless, here are some stats as tallied today:

544 participants (a 28% increase from 2019 and our largest group ever!)

11 represented countries

46 states (Why no Alaska, Delaware, Mississippi and South Dakota?)

3 Canadian provinces

Registration is at 60% capacity for our first Zoom POPO workshop Poetics as Cosmology, scheduled for six consecutive Saturdays at 10am PDT starting October 3, 2020. See: https://popo.cards/2020/07/18/six-week-fall-zoom-workshop/

Abhaya Thomas 2020 postcard

Huge thanks to all my POPO people for being part of this community. Registration for 2021 starts September 1, 2020 via Submittable.

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